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 heathersatetsy - (hannahsarah)
02:48am 08/10/2007
Opinyunz. I haz dem. posting in The Heathers at Etsy: A place for your ads, picks
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please read this: http://www.thinkbeforeyoupink.org/

I'm not going to ask you to buy something you don't need, so that I can give a mealsy 10% donation to some foundation that will spend it on administration fees and expensive advertising campaigns. If you like pink and it makes you happy, then by all means buy it. If you don't want to buy something, then please make a donation to the charity of your choice. I always set aside a portion of my profits for charity, but I don't feel the need to publicise which ones and how much money I give. I think that donating should be a private matter.

If you do happen to like pink, please take a look at this week's featured items. Thanks!
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